Notice is given that the following ordinance was approved by the

Bellefonte Town Commission at its Town Meeting on June 13, 2016:

Ordinance 2016-03


An ordinance amending the Bellefonte Land Use Code to:

(1) Repeal Ordinance 2006-03 providing for Building, Plumbing and Mechanical regulations for the Town of Bellefonte, Delaware (the Bellefonte Building and Plumbing Ordinance); and

(2) Adopt the New Castle County Building Code and New Castle County enforcement of said Code in the Town of Bellefonte; and

(3) Revise the Powers and Duties of the Bellefonte Planning Commission to include zoning review and enforcement.

BE IT ORDAINED by the Commissioners of the Town of Bellefonte, Delaware, a majority thereof concurring after careful review, that the following Ordinance is adopted, effective when confirmed by act of New Castle County Council.

Approved: Scott L. MacKenzie, President

Attest: Brandon Dougherty, Secretary

Full text of Ordinance 2016-03 can be found at

Town of Bellefonte, 901A Rosedale Avenue, Bellefonte, DE 19809

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