Note: Tax Questions

All Bellefonte Property Tax Questions Should Be Directed to Curt Nass,
Town Treasurer and Tax Collector (Click on Town Commission Above)

Meeting Schedule

Schedule of Meetings – 2018

Town Commission – 7:00pm Second Monday of the Month

January 8                 May 14                September 10

February 12             June 11               October 8

March 12                  July 9                  November 12

April 9                      August 13            December 10


Planning Commission 7:00pm  Click HERE for Agenda

January 8               May 7                  September 10

February 5             June 4                 October 1

March 5                  July 2                  November 5

April 2                   August 6              December 3


Zoning Review Board (ZRB) 7:00pm

On Mondays if ZRB Application is Received by Friday 5:00pm

2018 Trash/Recycling Schedule

The New 2018 Trash/Recycling Schedule.

Click HERE to View or Print

Ordinance 2017-01

The Bellefonte Town Commission Held Public Hearings on Monday, October 9, 2017 at 6:00pm and

Monday November 13, 2017 at 6:00pm in Town Hall Regarding Ordinance 2017-01

Approving and Adopting the Town’s Ten Year Comprehensive Plan – 2017.

Click HERE to See the Ordinance

Click HERE to Read the Comprehensive Plan

Some Revisions May Be Incorporated Reflecting the PLUS Review Comments





Permitting Protects Us All

Obtaining a Permit (Building, Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical) protects you and your neighbors by ensuring that all work planned and done is inspected by a qualified New Castle County building inspector.

The small amount saved by evading the permit process can cost you many times over in the future due to shoddy construction, inferior materials and poor workmanship. In addition Home Owners Insurance could be jeopardized.

DO NOT have worked started without obtaining permits.  It could cost you in the future.

Building Permits

Effective November 15, 2016, New Castle County has assumed issuing Building Permits, Mechanical (HVAC) and Plumbing Permits for the Town of Bellefonte.  Below is the process for applying for a Building Permit (For Plumbing and Mechanical, please proceed directly to New Castle County Dept. of Land Use, below):


1 – Zoning Review – The Town of Bellefonte retains approval of Zoning requirements PRIOR to a Building Permit being issued by New Castle County.  This requires a review by the Bellefonte Zoning Review Board (ZRB).  This Board meets weekly on Monday evening at 7 pm (as long as there is an application to review).  Your application either will be approved or disapproved AND RETURNED TO YOU. (Please specify HOW you want it returned; email, US Mail, in person).


  • For a Zoning Review, COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION, and submit it along with a copy of your plans (a mechanical drawing of your parcel, showing the planned development)
  • Submit your application and plans electronically by emailing them to or you can mail or hand-delivery to Bellefonte Town Hall, 901A Rosedale Avenue, Bellefonte, DE  19809.  (if you use FedEx or UPS, DO NOT send with SIGNATURE REQUIRED)
  • Submission deadline for Monday review is Friday, 5 PM.  If received after this time, your review will be scheduled for the following Monday.  Bellefonte ZRB reviews are open to the public and you may be at the review to answer questions if you wish.  (ZRB meetings are not held on Monday holidays. They will be held on the Tuesday of the same week.)
  • Following the review of your plans and application, you will be contacted by the Bellefonte ZRB with the results.

2 – Building Permit Application – proceed with your approved ZRB application and plans to New Castle County Dept. of Land Use:


For “Home Improvements” Click on the Following Link:

New Castle County Government Center
87 Read’s Way
New Castle, DE 19720

Ph: 302-395-5555 (general questions and complaints)
Ph: 302-395-5400 (planning and permitting questions)
Fax: 302-395-5587

Click HERE for Bellefonte ZRB Application

(Applications Are Also Available In Clear Rack at Town Hall Entrance)


Street Light Problems?

To Report a Streetlight Problem

Go to Delmarva’s Outage Site on Their Website.

It Allows You to Zoom Down to the Actual Streetlight

Water Pollution

Help Stop Water Pollution.

We ALL Need To Do Our Part

Click HERE to Learn About STOPPIT!


Storm Water Management

Click HERE for a Link to the State/County Virtual Workshop

We as a Town and Our Residents Are the

FIRST Line of Defense in The War on Pollution

We ALL Need Clean Water!

Storm Drains Are for RAIN WATER ONLY

Click HERE to Find Out More

Click HERE to Report Pollution

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