====== Planning Commission Meeting ======

Monday, July 28, 2014
7:00pm - Town Hall

Resolution 2014-1 Trash & Recycling

Resolution 2014-01: This draft resolution will be discussed and considered for approval at the July 14 Town Meeting.  To date, Bellefonte has not had a clear written policy about trash and recycling collection that enumerates its policies about this service.  This resolution states the policies and provides a clear picture of the services and limitations.

Click HERE for Full Resolution Language

Charter Revision

The Revised Town Charter Was Approved by the

Town Commission at the February Town Meeting and Was Sent to

Our State Representative (Debra Heffernan) for Legislative Consideration.

Our Revised Charter Has Been Passed

Unanimously by the House and by the Senate

See Details at:


The Revised Charter Can Also Be Found In The Column on the Right

Click on Town Charter - Draft 2013

Storm Water Management

Click HERE for a Link to the State/County Virtual Workshop

We as a Town and Our Residents Are the

FIRST Line of Defense in The War on Pollution

We ALL Need Clean Water!

Storm Drains Are for RAIN WATER ONLY

Click HERE to Find Out More

The Countdown Continues!

NEXT YEAR we will be celebrating 100 Years of Bellefonte. The Town of Bellefonte was created and incorporated in March of 1915 and we would like to put together a worthy event to celebrate our Centennial in 2015.

Anyone who has any old documents, or photos that they would like to share as part of this celebration, can drop them off at Town Hall. If possible, identify the location of any photos and put your name & address on the photos so they can be returned to you.  Any interesting stories or anecdotes would also be welcome additions as part of the project.

And…….. most importantly, anyone who would like to be a part of the planning for this event should send an email to garyrauso@yahoo.com or comment on Facebook.

The sooner we get started planning the better the event will be.

The Zoning Amendment To The Land Use Code

Concerning Parking Was Approved

By The Town Commission and Has Been Incorporated

Into The Land Use Code on Pages 21 and 22.

The Revised Document Can Be Read By Clicking on

Land Use Code (rev) in the Right Hand Column

= = = = = = = = = = Recycling! = = = = = = = = =

Waste Industries

Has Provided Us With What CAN and CANNOT Be Recycled

Click HERE to See The Chart of Recyclable Household Materials

One Additional Change….Plastic Bags ARE Accepted

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