Recycling This Week!

Place Recycling and Trash


At the Curb

Please Put ONLY Yard Waste in The YARD WASTE Container.

After 7:00pm Thursday Evening

for Pickup Friday


Notice is given that the following ordinance was approved by the Bellefonte Town Commission at its Town Meeting on February 8, 2016.
Ordinance 2016-01: Zoning Ordinance Amendment
ARTICLE I: Re-Zoning Code Fees
The following amendment, after public hearing and careful consideration, amends the Bellefonte Land Use Code, Ordinance 2010-01, which was adopted on August 2, 2010.
Article 10. Amendment, § 10-01, B. Initiation, [4] of the Bellefonte Land Use Code (2010) is hereby repealed and replaced with:
[4] A petition fee payable to The Town of Bellefonte in the amount of $3,000 and 50% of the Town’s legal costs. This fee is to be based on an estimate of fees by the Town Solicitor of Record and is payable before the hearing for said Re-zoning.   Once the application fee is filed with the required payment, the application fee is not refundable.
ARTICLE II: Animal Control Ordinance – The following section is an amendment to Bellefonte Ordinance 2005-03, Property Maintenance Code, adopted August 8, 2005.
WHEREAS the Town of Bellefonte has named New Castle County as enforcement agent of its Property Maintenance Code, this amendment hereby affirms that “Sec. 4.02.004. – Prohibited animals in certain residential areas” of New Castle County Code is adopted by the Bellefonte Town Commission, enforceable by New Castle County Department of Land Use Property Maintenance Code Enforcement division.
ARTICLE III: Severability – The provisions of this Ordinance shall be severable. If any provisions of this Ordinance are found by any court of competent jurisdiction to be unconstitutional or void, the remaining provisions of this Ordinance shall remain valid, unless the court finds that the valid provisions of this Ordinance are so essentially and inseparably connected with, and so dependent upon, the unconstitutional or void provision that it cannot be presumed that the Bellefonte Town Commission would have enacted the remaining valid provisions without the unconstitutional or void provision; or unless the court finds that the remaining valid provisions, standing alone, are incomplete and incapable of being executed in accordance with Bellefonte Town Commission’s intent.
Effective Date: February 8, 2016
Approved: Scott L. MacKenzie, President
Attest: Brandon Dougherty, Secretary


The following resolution was considered at the Town Meeting  held on February 8, 7:00 pm, at Town Hall and passed. It will initiate the annexation process of four adjoining properties, as set forth in the 2007 Bellefonte Comprehensive Plan and Ordinance 2015-02. On March 14, at 6 pm, a public hearing will be held at Town Hall (901A Rosedale Avenue) regarding this annexation process.  Those requiring special accommodation for a disability are asked to leave a message at 302-761-9638 at least three days prior to the hearing.

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Public Safety

We have been provided a number of Safety Resources from
We  share these in the hope that they may prove valuable in keeping us all safe.
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2016 Trash/Recycling Schedule

Waste Industries Has Provided Us With

The Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste Schedule for 2016

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Councilman Cartier

At the December 2015 Town Meeting, New Castle County Councilman, John Cartier presented a check to the Town Commissioners and had the following kind words to say:

“I was pleased and honored to present a grant to the Town of Bellefonte to help defray the costs of the Bellefonte 2015 centennial celebrations. I was joined in the check presentation by the members of the Bellefonte Town Commission at their monthly town hall meeting. I’m always glad to support the public service of the dedicated volunteer commissioners of the Town of Bellefonte. Bellefonte, Brandywine Hundred’s venerable small town, will enjoy a bright future because of the smart governance and vision of its commissioners!”

Cartier Centennial Grant


The Town of Bellefonte had many opportunities this year to celebrate it’s one hundredth anniversary including the main celebration in March honoring the original date of incorporation in March 1915. Many of our county, state and federal leaders recognized the accomplishment by their attendance, tributes and proclamations. (See Sidebar)  Additional events throughout our Centennial year included our Town Picnic, Sponsorship of the Bellefonte Arts Festival, our Centennial Banners on Brandywine Boulevard and the upcoming Holiday Caroling/Community Gathering on December 17.

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